Legal Entity Management Leaders Klea and Traact Join Forces to Provide Optimized Solutions on a Global Scale

Today, successful Silicon Valley startup Traact, a cloud-based legal tech platform, announced a new strategic partnership with Klea, a Belgium-based leader in AI-enabled legal entity management. The partnership combines the power of Traact’s tech-first U.S. acumen with Klea’s stellar tech-enabled professional services and international reach to benefit clients in North and South America, EMEA, and APAC. 

Traact and Klea are partnering to serve corporate legal and law firm clients on a global scale. Their complementary solutions will enable clients to automate and streamline legal operations with the most modern technology advances and best customer service available today.

Initially, Traact and Klea will team up on business development endeavors while their technology platforms and service teams become more connected. The partnership will be mutually beneficial to both companies and their clients from Day One.

Traact officially launched its core platform in late 2023, led by engineers previously employed by Uber, Google and Amazon. Bringing its North American contacts and expertise to the partnership with Klea, Traact’s broad integrated capabilities include Entity Management, Permits and Licensing, Board Management, Matter Management, Contract Management, Disputes & Litigation, E–Billing, Finance & Taxes, and Data Room/Document Management modules. Traact is implemented at diverse organizations ranging from large enterprises to small entrepreneurial companies.

Klea, founded 6 years ago by former Magic Circle firm lawyers and Capgemini engineers, offers truly global reach in entity management and routine corporate secretarial work. Klea contributes to the partnership with its tech-driven service offering in Europe, Africa and Asia and its proven strength in professional services for tech delivery. Notable clients include Epson, Levi-Strauss, Rayner, Mood:Media, Low Carbon, Saria and Cyncly.

Robert Holdheim, COO of Traact, remarked, “The Traact-Klea partnership brings together the best technology and service capabilities worldwide for the benefit of both organizations and our clients. Our first plan is to integrate our entity management products and service offerings. Over time, we will enable Klea to offer additional Traact service modules to their clients. This win-win alliance is a perfect fit, and we look forward to its positive impact on many levels. Together, we aim to bolster efficiency, product adoption, and cost reduction for our mutual clients.”

“It is with profound satisfaction and forward-looking resolve that we announce the culmination of a strategic partnership between Klea and Traact,” remarked Klea CEO Filip Corveleyn. “As vanguards in the digitalization of legal processes, our collaboration signifies a pivotal shift in the landscape. Traact’s comprehensive platform, renowned for its proficiency in cross-functional legal work and routine tasks within the U.S., harmonizes seamlessly with Klea’s sophisticated tech-enabled service solution, addressing the complexities of international corporate secretarial operations. This union not only delivers unparalleled convenience for clients in routine entity management work, but also heralds a new standard of efficiency for multinational corporations and prestigious law firms.”

About Traact
Traact is a fast-growing technology startup developing digitally native and cloud-based tech that is bringing much-needed disruption and transformation to corporations, law firms and financial organizations. The company has attracted top engineers from the largest, most successful companies in the world, and is dedicated to providing the very best in tech-first solutions and client service acumen. Traact is a subscription-based SaaS which charges a flat fee based on the client’s number of entities, and the service modules they select addressing additional non-governance technology solutions. A Silicon Valley company, Traact is based in Palo Alto, California. Visit for more information, or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Klea
Klea is an advanced cloud-based legal entity management solution which prioritizes excellence in tech-driven professional services delivery. The Klea collaboration platform provides a single source of truth, helping internal legal teams to streamline corporate secretarial work, access real-time, accurate entity data, and access help from a global network of legal experts in over 100 countries. Klea is a subscription-based solution, charging flat fees for routine entity management work. Klea is based out of Brussels. For more information, visit or follow us on Linkedin.

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