Step-by-Step Instructions for Holding Successful AGMs in Norway

Conducting an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a critical requirement for private limited companies in Norway. This guide will help you navigate the process smoothly, ensuring compliance with the Norwegian Private Limited Liability Companies Act.

Understanding the Legal Framework

The Norwegian Private Limited Liability Companies Act mandates that AGMs must be held within six months after the end of each financial year. This meeting is crucial as it addresses essential matters such as the approval of annual accounts and the distribution of dividends​.

Scheduling the AGM

The board of directors is responsible for calling the AGM. The summons must be sent in writing to all shareholders with a known address at least one week before the meeting, unless the company’s articles of association specify a longer notice period. The notice should include the time, place, and agenda of the meeting​.

Key Points for the Summons:

  • Time and place of the meeting
  • Agenda items, including proposals for amendments to the articles of association if any
  • Procedures for electronic participation and voting, if applicable

Preparing for the AGM

Agenda Preparation: The board must prepare a detailed agenda that complies with both legal requirements and the company’s articles of association. Typical agenda items include:

  • Approval of the annual accounts and annual report
  • Decision on dividend distribution
  • Election of board members
  • Any amendments to the articles of association​.

Documentation: Ensure all necessary documents are prepared and available for review by shareholders at least one week before the meeting. This includes the annual accounts, auditor’s report, and any proposals for amendments​.

Conducting the Meeting

The AGM can be held physically or electronically. If held electronically, ensure the systems used are reliable and can authenticate participants and votes securely. During the meeting, the following steps should be taken:

  • Opening the Meeting: The chair of the board or an appointed person opens the meeting and prepares a list of attendees, including their shares and votes.
  • Voting: Each share generally grants one vote. Decisions are typically made by a simple majority, but some matters may require a qualified majority or unanimous consent​.
  • Minutes: The minutes must be recorded accurately, noting all decisions made, the number of votes for and against, and the share capital represented. These minutes must be signed by at least two participants, one of whom should be the meeting chair​.

Post-Meeting Requirements

Filing Annual Accounts: The approved annual accounts must be submitted to the Register of Company Accounts within one month of the AGM to avoid late submission fees. These accounts are filed electronically via Altinn, the official Norwegian portal for company reporting​.

Distribution of Minutes: The signed minutes must be sent to all shareholders and stored securely. They must be preserved for the company’s entire lifespan and be accessible to all shareholders​.

Special Considerations

Extraordinary General Meetings: These can be called by the board, the company’s auditor, or shareholders representing at least 10% of the share capital, following similar procedures as the AGM​.

Compliance and Penalties: Failure to hold the AGM within the stipulated timeframe can lead to legal and financial consequences, including penalties for late filing of financial statements and potential invalidation of shareholder decisions​.

By following these steps and ensuring compliance with Norwegian law, your legal tech firm can effectively manage its annual general meetings, maintaining transparency and shareholder confidence. For further details, refer to resources from the Altinn portal and the Norwegian Private Limited Liability Companies Act.


Your AGM is more than just a regulatory obligation; it’s a vital opportunity for your organization. By adhering to this detailed checklist, you can guarantee a smooth, compliant, and productive AGM that sets a positive precedent for the year ahead. Involve your shareholders, uphold transparency, and showcase your dedication to excellent governance. Get ready to make your AGM exceptionally successful!

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