Simple, SaaS, Secure

Klea is designed to make entity management simple. A friendly and easy to navigate dashboard awaits you. Cloud based so accessible anywhere, anytime, with built in geo-location to ensure task management is automatically tuned to your local time zone. Stored safely, fully end-to-end encrypted. Of course.

Access to your company data whenever, wherever.

  • Real time info
  • Nothing to install since it is cloud-based
  • Overview of all entities at all time

Assign & eSign documents easily

  • Assign and re-assign tasks, follow approval flows
  • Change company officers in just a few clicks, fully auditable
  • E-signature integrations to digitally sign documents (Docusign, Hello sign, Connective).

History & future in one view

  • A visual history timeline for each entity
  • Detailed version history of all documents
  • Integrated compliance planning, alerts and automatic action

Do more with less

Internal legal tasks create a lot of repetitive administrative work. Klea’s technology helps you to optimize the organizing and taking care of legal documents. Documents, entity data, people and dynamic workflows, all simply yet smartly linked to ensure maximum efficiency.

Compliant at all times

  • Monitor global legal compliance
  • Audit and analyze corporate processes live
  • Compliance with local standards and processes ensured

Eyes on the price

  • Manage budgets per company and country in one overview
  • Save 65% internal time and 35% on lawyer costs
  • Klea comes with fixed prices only, no surprises afterwards

Corporate reporting

  • Dynamic customizable group chart
  • Custom reporting available upon request
  • Detailed spend reporting

Legal operations and process managed from the cloud

Knowing what to do and when is essential to have an optimal workflow and a status overview. Especially when legal documents need to be filed. With Klea this is part of the automated workflows, and everybody involved gets assigned to the necessary to-dos.

Smart way to manage the whole process

  • Generate automatic workflows with assigned tasks
  • An overview of all to-dos at a glance
  • Everybody gets the right assignments

Keep track of deadlines and upcoming changes

  • An overview of what’s done, ongoing and what’s next
  • Receive automatic notifications of your personal task list
  • See the status and details of each project in one dashboard

Collaborate with Klea’s legal manager, colleagues, auditors and lawyers

  • Bring all people involved together in one workflow
  • Everybody involved is automatically assigned their tasks
  • 24/7 support of our legal manager to manage it all (Klea Convenience)

Taking the right precautions to keep your data safe

Data provides a critical foundation for every operation of your organization. Especially working with confidential legal documents and company information. Using data security technologies combined with expertise, Klea protects and monitors your most sensitive data with utmost care.

Klea works for very large groups, global leaders and Fortune 500 companies. To guarantee end-to-end encryption we use Mendix as our backbone which is fully ISO certified. It ensures top security for our platform. Your data is safe with us at any time.

All over the world to get that pile of legal work done

When you choose our Klea Convenience plan, Klea comes with a pre-vetted and procured network of local legal experts in over 80 countries worldwide, directly connected into Klea for your ultimate convenience. Your Klea Legal ops manager acts as your single point of contact and ensures the management of all shareholder and board meetings worldwide together with our network of local legal experts.

Want to scale in your own local service providers, or looking for a more efficient way to manage your clients worldwide, then use Klea Collaborate to connect the dots and ensure all can collaborate smarty, safely and simply through Klea.


Klea, ready when you are!

Discover what Klea can do for you.

“I have been working with Legal Studio for several years. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to all in-house counsel facing the challenge of managing a complex corporate environment.”

Senior Legal Counsel EMEA Global Fashion Retailer