Let Klea do the work for you

You will no longer have to deal with all the hard work, instead, rely on your go-to SaaS sidekick. Klea is a single platform for all legal entity management work. The fact that Klea is an all-in-one solution makes our platform unique in the world of corporate secretarial solutions.

Klea helps your organization save 65% of internal time spent and can even save you up to 35% in budget. Let Klea do the work for you! Discover how.

1 Klea, 3 formulas

Every business is unique, and every request of our customers is different. That's why we have developed 3 options - from activating your data to ultimate convenience:

  • Klea Activate
  • Klea Collaborate
  • Klea Convenience

Our SaaS-solution can be topped up with many services. We can take care of everything for you. We get Klea ready for you in a matter of weeks... and off you go - from DIY to a full package where Klea handles everything for you.

Klea Activate

Klea Activate is the perfect entry-level solution for companies and law firms interested in optimizing their legal entity management. Activate helps you to engage with key entity data throughout your organization through a secure cloud-based solution.

Activate customers can expect among others the following key features:

  • Visualised compliance agenda
  • Automated notifications on important company events
  • Integrated e-signature solutions
  • Company key information summaries and PDF exports
  • Document, people and company search and tagging
  • Dynamic company event timelines
  • Company history logging
  • Flexible access management
  • Private document vault
  • Dynamic group chart
  • Easy onboarding with video tutorials

On top of that, you can count on the technical support you require.

Klea Collaborate

Klea Collaborate allows you to activate your data and collaborate with teams, lawyers, auditors and many others. Customers using Klea Collaborate can rely on all the solutions available in our full suite.

They get access to every feature and tool mentioned above, and they can count on:

  • Real-time budget reporting
  • Integrated quality reporting
  • Dynamic task management
  • Process reporting & collaboration
  • Secure shareholder and board meeting portals
  • Integrated secure messaging
  • Automated workflows for key processes worldwide
  • Integrated lawyer or client collaboration portal

Next to that, Klea Collaborate users receive more than just the standard technical support. They can also count on our support for:

  • Document & template generation
  • Powers of attorney management
  • Company extract and legislations

Klea Convenience

You want to maximize the return of your legal entity management software and experience full convenience? Get to know Klea Convenience. We take care of all your corporate secretarial needs, using Klea in the countries of your choice and our dedicated carefully chosen network of local legal experts. All you need to do is simply follow up.

As a Klea Convenience-user, you have access to all the tools of Klea Activate & Collaborate, extended with our Klea Convenience Services:

  • Dedicated Legal Operations Manager
  • A procured network of local legal experts connected into Klea for your convenience
  • Daily support
  • Full document legal compliance review
  • Process and project management
  • Signature collection (electronic and wet signatures)
  • Document fillings
  • legalizations, apostilles and notarizations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal review
  • Custom reporting
  • Additional services

From annual approval to accounts, to managing powers of attorney, officer changes, and much more, Klea automatically starts the required processes for you and we follow up for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

What you always get with Klea

You will notice that Klea is available for everyone and still responds neatly to your specific needs. Even though our formulas are very different from each other, all of our clients can be assured of:

  • Flexible access management
  • ISO 27001 Certified Backbone
  • End-to-end encrypted data
  • GDPR compliance
  • Cloud-based
  • Single sign-on capability
  • API available

With Klea you are not paying per user. You are not stuck with a monthly subscription. Keeping things transparent is key. You pay as you go, enjoy fixed prices and know what you spend.

And that makes all the difference!