A brand new brand

Early 2020 we embarked on an exciting new chapter in our story: the further expansion of the Klea brand. In collaboration with a professional brand design agency, we defined our values and our brand identity. We then translated these in turn into our product, our corporate identity and everything that goes with it.. A new era of Klea has arrived.

The icing on the cake was that we also decided to revamp our website and streamline it with the brand identity. Discover the renewed Klea right away!

New features

The functionalities within Klea continued to evolve. Over the past few months, our platform has been growing and the number of features (and indeed clients) has been steadily expanded. We have focused on opportunities to manage legal entities even more efficiently and easily. The following things were added to our platform in function of that:

  • Integration of electronic signatures within our workflows
  • A full self-service module for customers who want to work with legal entity management on their own
  • Intercom integration to more proactively support customers
  • The Klea API allows customers to integrate their legal entity data in other systems.
  • Completely new group chart
  • Customers can choose to set up 2FA in Klea or - if so desired - we can now also provide SSO.

So: a lot of changes, but of course without major shifts in our core concept. Klea is still fully cloud-based, secure and running on servers within the EU.

New HQ
Lately you can also find Klea in a completely new headquarters on Avenue Louise in Brussels. The growth opportunities for the coming years are guaranteed, both in Belgium and abroad. In fact, we hired a sales director in France and are currently further extending our sales reach in the Netherlands.

What is Klea?
Klea is a single platform for all legal work. What makes Klea unique in the world of corporate secretarial solutions is that it is in all-in-one solution:

1. So much more than a corporate database

2. It also includes connected workflows to manage virtual and physical board and shareholder meetings in all countries covered, connecting internal and external functions to ensure a smooth and consistent process each and every time and deliver ultimate convenience to the following functions:

  • Finance
  • Treasury
  • Legal
  • Legal operations
  • Auditors
  • Signatories
  • External Lawyers or legal experts

Klea entirely and solely focuses on delivering the best hybrid solution to manage your global corporate secretarial function, based on an intimate understanding of the corporate housekeeping process across the globe.