Legal Innovation

In this session, Filip addressed several aspects that relate to innovation, the legal market and how innovation evolves and gets a foothold in this market. Service delivery and business model combined to make for a powerful foundation for innovation and value creation.

Service innovation

At the invitation of John Metselaar, we dug a bit deeper into the construct of legal work, how this relates to the business model but more importantly, how service innovation requires business model innovation in an online session at Solvay Business School.

Service innovation requires a thorough understanding of your product and value proposition.

if you want to look closer at the value of your work, you need to understand the nature of it better. From that it will appear that often, legal work is not legal work and it can be deconstructed into smaller parts and reconfigured again. The so called bundling and unbundling of legal work or legal design thinking[1] or legal engineering.

[1] Brown, T., DESIGN THINKING, Harvard Business Review, June, 84-96

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