Klea Activate: corporate platform for midsize companies

Klea is a future-proof and one-stop solution to streamline your legal entity management. Klea Activate provides businesses with 24/7 access to an easy to manage app, filled with your key company data. Manage your critical dates, share information securely your own service providers. The go-to starter’s solution for companies of all sizes.

Our entire SaaS suite offers quite a number of benefits to customers:

  • Klea helps your organization to save 65% internal time on legal documents*.
  • Klea users save up to 35% of budget on legal documents*.
  • A time-saving and all-in-one reporting solution for corporates

Let Klea do the work for you!

(*Tested on the basis of pre-agreed KPI’s on the basis of actual client work, measuring difference in time spent and budget spent before and after using and implementing Klea).

What is included in Klea Activate?

Klea Activate comes ready packed with all features you will need to effectively manage your legal entities

Compliance agenda
Visualise upcoming compliance events, manage scheduled meetings or agenda items and create efficiency in your compliance events with direct links to companies and officers.

Automated notifications
Manage your notifications in a flexible way. You can choose whether every step in Klea is notified to you or only get the notifications you need - as simple as that!

Integrated E-signature solutions
Send out documents for e-signature directly from Klea, follow up and receive them right back in Klea. These documents are signed and saved automatically for you.

Company key information sheets
100% of your key company data is available to you - 24/7, Wherever, whenever. All key company data can be audited and shared securely in a matter of seconds.

Document search and tagging
Safely and securely upload and share company key documents, contracts, data and information. Includes unlimited document versioning.

Document restrictions
Restrict access to companies, documents, information. Ultra flexible.

Private document vault
Use the share button in your private document vault to share documents with external parties or not. Switch on. Switch off. Easy, right?

Group chart
Explore more: exportable flexible group charts (top-down, left-right), corporate information sheets, relationships, UBO cascades and auditing, …

Automated workflows for key processes worldwide
Access preconfigured smart workflows managing various corporate entity processes such as officer changes, annual general meetings, powers of attorneys, and much more through Klea. Klea knows the documents you need, who needs to upload supporting information and the steps required to effect. Just sit back and let Klea help you manage these tasks for you.

Includes also the option to use dedicated business rules engines for officer change pre-approvals and dividend approvals.

Real-time budget reporting
Unlock the powerful budget tracing capabilities included in Klea Collaborate. Know exactly what is spent, where it is spent and on what. Klea provides you with full transparency on budgets.

Integrated quality reporting
Allow users to quickly escalate and resolve quality issues through our dedicated quality reporting flow.

Dynamic task management
Use Klea’s preconfigured task management or select yourself who needs to do what. Re-assign tasks flexibly or report on workload and task allocation. Ensure your team can easily take over one one team member is temporarily unavailable. No need to share inboxes anymore, everything is on Klea. Simply shift tasks and off you go.

Process reporting & collaboration
Report live on ongoing processes. Provide live updates on ongoing processes, task progress reports and use our integrated encrypted secure messaging to share sensitive information.

Secure shareholder and board meeting portals
Share access with shareholders and board members to your secure shareholder and board meeting vaults, sharing agenda items, delays, draft minutes, signed documentation and lots more.

Integrated secure messaging
Klea comes with a fully integrated secure messaging system, allowing users to securely exchange encrypted messages within Klea, ensuring sensitive and confidential information remains secure and confidential.

Integrated lawyer or client collaboration portal
Collaborate together with partner firms, international colleagues, your own lawyers or service providers, your clients, notaries. Klea allows you to manage external users and their access on company or document level, managing or viewing rights. Ultimate flexibility, answering to your everyday need to exchange information in a secure manner.

What technical solutions are included in Klea Activate?

Klea Activate is built on the same software stack as all of the other Klea solutions. You therefore don't have to worry about possible technical limitations.

Flexible access management
View only, edit, manage, ... on company level or on document level. Discover our ultra flexible user management.

ISO 27001 Certified Backbone
Our solution is built on Mendix, a platform which comes with full ISO certification. The only one in the market.

End-to-end encrypted data
All your data on Klea is end-to-end encrypted. Safe and secure. Stop sharing sensitive documents via email, but share them through Klea.

GDPR compliance
Klea abides by the key principles of the GDPR.

Klea is fully cloud based. This means you can access the power of Klea wherever, whenever.

Single sign-on capability
Ready, set, go! Activate your single sign on with Klea.

API available
We have an API available for easy connections with other key tools and databases you already have in place.

How are Klea Activate users supported?

Klea Activate users can benefit from standard technical support. This is generally sufficient to get the most out of your entire Klea suite and take your legal entity management to the next level.

1 Klea, 3 formulas

Klea Activate is the go-to solution for midsize companies. It is one of the 3 possible formulas we offer our clients - ranging from a basic use to an extended all-in-one solution combining everything within our platform and our services:

  • Klea Activate
  • Klea Collaborate
  • Klea Convenience

Our SaaS-solution gets you started and can be topped up with many of our services. We can take care of everything for you, simply help you set it up or just hook you up with a license. From DIY to a full package where Klea handles everything for you.


Get to know Klea

Klea - the acronym for Knowledgeable Legal Entity Automation - helps legal organizations and departments digitize workflows and repetitive legal work. Our cloud platform, which links business data to automated workflows, is today used in over eighty countries worldwide.